How I made $1500 of passive income using Framer website builder

Sunday, October 29, 2023


How I made $1500 of passive income using Framer website builder

This is an extension to the article I wrote half a year ago.

How I made $105 of passive income using Framer website builder
It took my template 7 days to get from $0 to $

In this one I will expand the journey I am going through in passive income creation. Spoiler: it works, I just need more free time.

So my way is my way. May not work with you. First of all I guess this particular way requires you to have at least basic web design knowledges as the whole thing is spinning around websites. For people to buy your templates your website has to: solve a problem, be nicely designed, built around a specific niche and I still don’t guarantee that people would buy it.

What I did

  1. Picked niche (SaaS/Crypto — trend)

  2. Designed it in a nice adaptive way (TV/PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile)

  3. Solved SaaS product landing problem by giving people a lot of way to present their product on a website

It took me 2 evenings to finish and publish it as a template

But it took my template 2 months to get to the first $1000…

Why Framer?

Key benefits are:

  1. Keep 100% of the revenue on every template sold

  2. Make money on free templates through affiliate links

  3. No minimum monthly template submission requirement (webflow used to be 1 per month)

  4. Exposure to thousands of page views every day (because Framer showcases your template on their website)

To be able to sell you need an actual “Store” and you can get one using Gumroad or Lemon Squeezy. After you fulfill product info for your template on either of these you will need to submit it and they still can reject your template. It may be anything: poor design, website itself making no sense, bug etc. But don’t worry, they usually tell you what’s the problem so fixing it shouldn’t take too long. In fact, all my templates where rejected initially but accepted little later when all bugs are fixed.

How I market my template

The thing is, I don’t. Framer does it for me.

Once you publish your template, it appears on the website and Framer promotes it for you. If it gets popular Framer pushes it even more and puts it on a main page labeled as “Top” or “Staff pick”.

It took only 48 customers and 2 months to get me to these results and the whole traffic came from

I wonder how much would I had earned if I promoted it properly or put more effort on the template so it got the “Staff pick” badge.

Hosting templates in different marketplaces

I tried many marketplaces but nothing works as good as Framer marketplace. People who visit it came specifically for Framer templates thus they buy them more often. Here are some other marketplaces I have my products on:

  1. Craftwork

  2. SuperB Themes

  3. Creative Market




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Got a project in mind?

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